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The Calm Parent, November 29, 2014

Review by : Nanny JoAnne

I am a grandparent as well as a Nanny and it has helped tremendously. It is still hard and I have to think about the program before I react, but I know that by being calmer and not arguing with the children, it does work. I am giving them the responsibility to make their own choices and then they will have to deal with the consequences. This program is work in progress. I do see better results with the children.
Knowing your child's needs, November 11, 2014

Review by : kja334644

I purchased the program because I was not in control and I believed that trickled down to my child. But, the result was simply that I didn't understand my child's needs. Now, I do to a much greater extent. We are both more in control from use of the program's techniques.
What a difference!, October 29, 2014

Review by : Wifey1980sb

I started using the Calm Parent program as a supplement to the Total Transformation program. I had a knack for flying off the handle when disputes would arise, which is neither good for me or my children. Following the lessons and taking the time to fill out the exercises in the workbook, along with using the tools I learned with The Calm Parent has made significant changes in our household. I no longer hold on to the emotional aspect of anger when a dispute arises, I let go of the "why" I feel angry, re-adjust my perspective and focus only on how we will come to a calm and concise conclusion. I would recommend the use of The Calm Parent Am & PM as a stand alone guide, as well an accompanying program to the Total Transformation - The title is simple, and it works! We now have conversations instead of arguments - we get to the source of the conflict and we all walk away calm. AMAZING!
Calm Parent Review, October 11, 2014

Review by : prayingmomma

The overall objective of this program makes sense. I purchased the program to better help me deal with my son who is defiant at every turn. The Calm Parent is logical however is easier said than done. In order for it to work you have to be willing to operate with grace and keep starting over with the Calm Parent intention in mind. I have had the program almost two months not quite. I have not seen any changes in my son however my guilt has gone down dramatically which helps me to think more clearly with him. Once I'm calm I know I didn't do anything fir him to respond to which means that I am closer to getting to the root of the problem.
Great parenting tool, October 05, 2014

Review by : Mom of 2 boys

A therapist once told me I needed to create a space between my child and I when I am angry. I had no idea what that meant and didn't know how to do that. I listened to the calm parent CDs and did the workbook and guess what? I found the tools to create that space. My relationship with my son has improved immensely and our household is more calm. I'm so glad I ordered the CDs and did the work.
Really?, October 04, 2014

Review by : Cat716

I titled my review as Really beacause that was my reaction to being able to calm myself and deescalate the situation. My child and nephews really responded well to the program! I really enjoyed it myself, I found myself yelling less and staying more calm!
Calm Parent = A More calm child with practice, September 27, 2014

Review by : Linda

Having raised three children of my own, and having experienced many of the journies that the parents, program managers,counselors, educators and any others who have been engaged in the battle can attest to having and facing that pure feeling of helplessness and hopelessness. I searched for answers from other parents, from psychologist, psychiatrist and any one else that would listen. I had been hearing about this on and I can truly say after investigation of the program on televsion that I am a satisfied patron. Why you ask? It is simple. The applications work. Many thank yous to the writers and implementors of The Calm Parent. How very important this information, the tools present here are
Changing how we interact with our son, September 14, 2014

Review by : Cyril

I would like to suggest that all parents get this program. It has changed the way that my wife and I talk with our fifteen year old son. We are calmer now and can separate our responses from our normal way of dealing with him. Great product happy that I brought it.
Happier overall, September 09, 2014

Review by : happier home

We wanted the Total Transformation and the Calm Parent Programs to help us deal with a 15 year old sibling/sibling in-law (18 year age difference) and to prep us as we move to adopt. The Calm Parent Program not only helped us to relate much better with our challenging teen aged loved, but has helped us to relate better to one another! We highly recommend this program.
Once was out of control and now I am calm, September 07, 2014

Review by : share

The calm parent CDs has gave me peace when dealing with my teenager. I can use the STOP which give you time to think and calm your self down before encountering any conflict that has in the past been a real big issue in my home. Thinking about where I want my relationship to be with my teen in the future is very important to me and it help me to stay in my own box and let him grow and learn in his box from his own mistakes. I highly recommend the am and pm calm parent CDs to every home and I truly believe that you can't go wrong. Thank you for letting me share.
Calmer with my own parent, August 21, 2014

Review by : MManuel

I purchased the book to try out some of the techniques with my students. The great part about the book was it even gave me tips on working with my parent. Being able to understand the thinking behind your thinking is such a wonderful tool. I hope to find some parents who are willing to walk with me through the program! If I do I will be back to purchase more workbooks!
calm yourself, August 03, 2014

Review by : thought it was just her

I was having a hard time with teen age daughter. after listening to calm parent it help me understand that out is not just het behaviors that affect the house but she could read some of the tensions I was having and it would not help the situation. I needed to realise that I was being part of the problem that I was unintentionally causing some issues by not dealing with my own emotions before trying to work with hers.
MRS KRISTINE ORTEGA, August 02, 2014

Review by : KRIS8359

yelling vs being calm, July 26, 2014

Review by : Happy Parents

My wife and i had been trying to figure out for the longest time on how we could get our kids to listen, stop fighting, show respect, back talking, we found it through this program, it works, its hard not to yell at them when all they would like to do is back talk and not listen, we've been using the program for three weeks now and the difference in the response from our kids is phenomenal, we personally would recommend this program to anyone that is having any difficulty coping with odd behavior from their kids
Love & Respect, July 19, 2014

Review by : Love & Respect

My 15 yr old sons disrespectful behavior was the main reason for purchasing this program. The program is working in a positive manner. Our family is learning to communicate in a more respectful manner. We all understand the importance of "listening" much more. My son continues to challenge us but we're going in the right direction.
Allow others space to grow, July 16, 2014

Review by : Be calm

Dealing with others in a calmer way and the proper way really lets everyone be the individual they are suppose to be! They will change if you do!
Two raging adults, July 12, 2014

Review by : Frazzled

I bought the program hoping to help me communicate better with my son. I am able to communicate calmer and more in control. While I am staying calmer so does my son. Our communications have gotten better because of this program.
Stressed out mom calms & enjoys her family. , July 03, 2014

Review by : Sherri7174

I have 3 disabled children with 6 different disabilities and sensory issues. As a single parent I have not only have I becomes stressed it was getting to the point of depression and I was afraid of passing that on to my children through learned behavior. I just want them to be ok and have a happy productive life all the way around and I feel that self control, good problem solving skills $ social skills to reduce stress. Life is hard enough without what I call self inflicted obsticals in life.
calm parent, June 26, 2014

Review by : parent power

it make me feel that i had control over my kids, every time they scream or started to talk back to me.
My children are ages 20 and 23. The course taught me how to be calm and effective as a parent. It also helped me to distinguish between my personal agenda and theirs. I am able to advise my children in a more deliberate manner and I am more effective. You never stop being a parent and as I have realized it is never to late to learn.
Great Staying Calm, June 18, 2014

Review by : Mays

Before I listened to the Calm Parents CD, I used to shout at my children all the times, and even louder when I have to say the same thing over and over again. Now, I take a deep breath and count to ten slowly before I react and my reaction is more calmer.
Nice to get some good advice, June 16, 2014

Review by : ImpossibleSituation

I got the program to give to my girlfriend, who has a teenager son that seems to cause her endless torment over the littlest things. He seems like a normal mostly polite boy with a spunky sense of humor, that was getting lost on his mother. I thought the program would help her get the kind of responses from her son that would not set off her own buttons. I feel bad that she didnít even want to try to look at the program and try it. There is a lot of simple ideas here that I think she could have used to gain the calmness she so desperately needs in her life. Her frustrations eventually spilled over into our relation and made it impossible to stay around, and so we are no longer together.
wow!, June 12, 2014

Review by : jenn2234

I am a child psychotherapist that has been working with children most of my adult life. This program offered concrete/sequential tools that I have been able to share with parents. Parents have reported a tremendous difference in the behavior of their child, at home as well as in school. I will continue to share these valuable tools with parents. Thank you for this tremendous asset!
WOW! , June 03, 2014

Review by : Billy L.

this set should be given to every new parent before leaving the hospital. this is the closest thing to a users manuel i believe. it has not only helped me be calmer with my children. but as a man that has been to anger management class' this beats it hands down. i am able to be calmer with all people who agitate and frustrate me. my only regreat is that i did not know of this sooner.
From a Professional Perspective, May 26, 2014

Review by : Mftgurl

Hi, I am a Marriage, Family, and Child Therapist. I work primarily with adolescents who are on Probation in a group home. I meet with the families in both an individual and group setting. I find the principles and concepts of the calm parent helpful in conveying the message to the parents to stop blaming the child and take a look at themselves. Clearly their children made poor choices but this program has helped me help them to be able to get past the mistakes and work to heal the relationship. I am able to help them see they need to stop yelling and listen. I am grateful to have such a resource in my arsenal as I assist my clients toward healing.
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